The Best Anime of 2018

So its a new year, new season and a slew of new anime on the horizon. But what about all the good shows from last year? Well I will list my personal top 10 of 2018 (as of the creation of this post) and hopefully it will at least give people some recommendations if you haven’t checked these shows out already.

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250 Mission, End and Continuation

New year, new days. Clocked up 232 anime last year, falling short by 18 shows however I will push on through to clear through 268 shows by the end of 2019. Chill out and relax, there is always more anime on the horizon, Fate, mostly. Peace out and Happy New Year.

Game Overview – Tales of Berseria (PC)

Tales of Berseria was my first foray into the Tales series, with no prior knowledge beyond some glowing recommendations and the usual JRPG assumptions. I can say with certainty that with only a few bumps in the road along the way, it has definitely become one of my favourite games I have picked up this year. No spoilers in this one.

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